My work questions the barriers placed between the subject and the observer. By photographing I become an observer, but also part of what I observe. I myself become a part of each photo I take. I was born and raised in Venice California in the 90’s; this is where I first learned photography, shooting black and white on a Nikon FE2. The Are and Bure(rough and shaky) style of my photography came from the alleyways, the sidewalks and the beaches of Venice. This background is one of the main reasons I’m so strongly influenced by photographers such as Daido Moriyama and William Eggleston. Having a strong interest in cinema as well as photography many of my photographs take on a cinematic quality, evocative of: motion, emotion, tonality, vibration. These evocations emphasize synesthesia a prevalent theme in my work in which I draw influence from artists such as Tetsuya Mizuguchi, James Turrell, and Christopher Doyle.

Vision is only one piece of a photograph.

I reside in L.A.

SFSU 2 years - Film and Comp. World Lit.
UCSC 2 years - Film and Digital Media.
UCSC Graduate